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Corporate Philosophy

Ragh’s decisions are addressed by a culture based in values, with an advisory model to guide our behaviour and impact the strategies positively for our clients and for our staff members.

Ethics and Integrity

We conduct our bussiness in a straight, fair and honest manner.


All RAGH’s professionals work together to a common goal to the satisfaction of our customers.

Customer Service

We maintain a permanent attitude of collaboration with our clients; We act with a genuine desire to serve and understand your business.

Proactivity and Creativity

We take the initiative to develop strategies to generate improvements in the operations of our customers.

Maintain win-win relationships and long-term

We talk and make decisions thinking about customers to support them in achieving their goals.

Committed to exceptional work.

Quality and best practices are the backbone that supports our services.

Openminded and continuous learning.

Always we have an attitude to learn new methodologies and standards governing the services we provide.

We consider knowledge as a valuable asset.

The accumulated and renewed experience advising our clients allows us to turn knowledge into value for your business.

Best professional practices.

We remain at the forefront of professional trends that apply to the services we offer.

Provide high quality professional services for our clients’ benefit, through a proactive team.

Be a firm of auditors and business consultants, recognized by turning knowledge into value for our customers.